AntiSocial FAQs
With Android updates sometimes AntiSocial will stop reporting, please have a look here for the solution: AntiSocial Stopped Reporting.
AntiSocial Stopped Reporting
Samsung Smartmanager can (depending on phone firmware version) stop AntiSocial from working properly. If you have a Samsung device and are having issues please have a look here: AntiSocial and Samsung Phones.
AntiSocial and Samsung
Xiaomi phones have firmware that can stop AntiSocial from working. If you have a Xiaomi phone please look here: AntiSocial and Xiaomi Phones.
AntiSocial and Xiaomi Phones
Huawei firmware that can stop AntiSocial from working. If you have a Huawei phone please look here: AntiSocial and Huawei Phones.
AntiSocial and Huawei Phones
AntiSocial tracks the total amount of time spent on your device (mobile and/or tablet). More specific, AntiSocial tracks the average number of device unlocks per day, minutes on social media per day and time spent on specific apps.
What does AntiSocial Track?
No we cannot read your messages or anything you do in apps, just generic informaation of what applications you open..
Can AntiSocial read my messages?
We only keep your phone usage information. No personal identification information is stored with your data. Your data is simply linked to a number.
What information do you keep?
We use it to compare your usage to other users. We have also given limited access to Universities to study phone usage patterns, but again your data is anonymous.
What do you do with my data?
We have given access as above to a University to study usage patterns. This is group data for them to interpret and analyze. No personal identification information is contained.
Can anyone else see my data?
We do not sell your information to anyone.
Do you sell my usage information?
You're compared to your peers using AntiSocial, based on location, gender and age.
Who am I compared to in my usage reports?
No, we ask for your location when you install so we can compare your usage to others in the same area.
Is my location being tracked?
Only about 750kb per day, less than 1mb.
How much data does AntiSocial use?
Less than 1%.
How much battery power does AntiSocial use?
No, AntiSocial is an app that works in the background.
Does AntiSocial need to be opened to work?
Yes, in the settings there is a red disable button.
Can I disable AntiSocial?
If AntiSocial is deleted from a device, data is no longer tracked.
What happens if I delete AntiSocial
It is free, we have a paid version coming out in a few months.
How much does AntiSocial cost?
After two weeks AntiSocial will ask for your occupation to accurately compare you to your peers as well as an email address so your report from the two-week challenge can be sent.
What happens after the two-weeks?
We use a proprietary algorithm that compares usage amount, open rates and other data to compare you to your peers.
How is my score calculated?
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